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Chess as Life: A Check on Making Decisions

Chess As Life:  A Check on Making Decisions How do you go about making a decision? I like that question.   During my local government days I was a member of a panel interviewing candidates for Police Officer positions.   The Police Chief was also a panelist; that question was always part of his repertoire.     Applicants would respond in different ways.  Some took a systematic approach explaining their response as you would execute a recipe for preparing a dish.  Others were strategic, first making an assessment of current circumstances, considering intended results, and then developing a plan of action.  There would be a third group that saw past results as indicative of future outcome and weighed carefully historical evidence.   All three methods had merit.   It’s been said that “to err is human, to forgive divine.”  A good friend of mine took that a step further when relating to decision making in the work world.  She shared that “making a bad d