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Lessons for Living the Dream; Cycling Across Georgia

Conditions were near ideal for cycling the mountains and piedmont of North Georgia. Spending seven days covering 386 miles and more than 25,000 feet of elevation climb, my buddy Fred Williams and I traversed granite-faced hills, gurgling clear streams, and green meadows along with around 800 other bike enthusiasts.  Our leg strength was particularly tested by two ranges near Dahlonega, GA, offering consistent uphill grades of 6-8% between six and seven miles each.  Our journey not only provided physical engagement, but the chance to unwind, reflect, and share laughs and observations.  An event of this magnitude demands well-coordinated support: hydration and snacks at well-spaced intervals, readily accessible medical aid, traffic control, adequate and convenient campsites and facilities, and skilled bike technicians.   A couple of days into the ride I experienced minor mechanical trials:  gears shifting sluggishly, some annoying pedal clicks. The roving bike shop van and tent