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After an extremely successful run at the University of Central Florida, culminating in last year’s undefeated season and #6 ranking in the Associated Press final poll, head coach Scott Frost returns to his alma mater at Nebraska this season in the same capacity for the Cornhuskers.   Freelance and SEC writer Andrew Astleford penned this article about Frost: “Emotions can run high in football. It’s not uncommon to see a coach express his anger by yelling and cussing at players. But at Nebraska, don’t expect to hear heated, vulgar language coming from coach Scott Frost and his staff. In a recent news conference, Frost explained why he won’t ‘yell and scream at kids.’ He also mentioned his staff won’t ‘cuss at kids.’  It’s a thought-provoking theory for coaches at all levels of football. ‘One of our sayings is, ‘Have a desire to excel and no fear of failure,’ Frost told reporters, as relayed by KOLN-TV’s Dan Corey.  ‘Part of that is the coaches’ responsibility. And I